"Research is to see what everyone else had seen, and to think what nobody else has thought"


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."


Albert Einstein



Homeopathic Documentaries


The Magic Pill - A film about homeopathy














Just one drop



Heal - A film exploring the power of the mind to heal ourselves
















Fat, sick and nearly dead (2010) - Netflix

Mordbedly obese with a autoimmune disease, one man decides to chance is health and drink only fruit and vegitable juices for 60 days in an effort to regain his health. 


What the health (2017) - Netflix

Investigates the secrets to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases.


Forks over knifes (2011) - Netflix

Researchers explore the possible health benifits of swithcing from an animal based diet to a planet based diet to help eliminate or control diseases such as cancer and diabetes.


Hungry for change (2012) - Netflix

Explores the diet industry's deceptive strategies designed to keep people from losing and keeping off weight.


The magic pill (2017) - Netflix

Doctors, scientists and chefs around the world comabting illness by changing peoples diets.


Food choices (2016) - Netflix

This film explores the impact of the impact that our food choices not only has on us but also the planet.














Cowspiracy - Netflix

Investigates how much damage animal agriculture is doing to our planet.


Sacred Science (2011) - Amazon Video

Eight people with different illnesses journey to the Amazon jungle looking for cures.


The Truth about Alcohol (2016)

A & E doctor exploring the truth and alcohol.


Food, Inc (2010)

Looks at how big corperations have taken over the food chain, from the farms where our food is grown to the chain restaurants and supermarkets where it's sold.


Fed Up (2014)

Katie Couric investigates how the food industry may be responsible for more sickness than previously realised.


Sugar coated (2015)

Whilst Obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates skyrocket, meanwhile doctors are treating first generation of children who are suffering with fatty liver disease.


From Fat to Finish Line (2015)

Obese men and woman commit to shedding 100 pounds and competing in a 200 mile run together.


Rotten (2018) - Netflix

Rotten dives deep into the food production underworld to expose the corruption, waste and real dangers behind your everyday eating habits.





Dr Devra Davis - Enviromental Health Trust

The Science:














Dr.Nicholas Gonzales, M.D. - EMF Is A Catastrophy In The Making















Ladies do not store mobile phones in you bra


Barrie Trower - Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health














Dr. Mercola Discusses the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation













Cancer Tutor -


The Truth about Cancer documentary - 9 parts.

Watch the first episode for free:














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Maun Homeopathy Project


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