Anya Micallef is a Homeopath, Sound Healing practitioner, with expertise in plant based Nutrition, focusing on healthy eating and overall wellbeing.

"Health the greatest of earthly blessings lies in your hands"

"Health the greatest of earthly blessings lies in your hands"

My Background

My passion for Natural Therapies developed gradually. Since childhood I was always given natural remedies and homeopathic medicine to treat my ills. 


I always knew energetically when a remedy worked on me and when it did not resonate. I believe having these treatment since a child made me more sensitive to the subtle energetics of the body and why I was naturally drawn not just to Natural Medicines but also my work in energy healing, to which is use various tools such as pyramids, crystal bowls and gongs to help facilitate this process. 

Alternative therapies are not like allopathic allopathic medicine, they work on the energetic and etheric body, its effect for the most part is more subtle especially to to those who have only experienced allopathic treatment. Allopathic medicine can work very quickly, its something we've got used to, we want things immediately. We live in a very fast past society and this transfers to our healing as well. Many want to be fixed quickly, if they're not better in a week or a month, they think natural medicine dose not work because they are used to pills that work instantly. Let me tell you now whether you're changing your diet, starting Homeopathy, Energy work, Herbal Medicine or Acupuncture, there is no quick fix. True healing dose not happen overnight, it's a process it takes time and is different for each person. 

Disease dose not develop in the body overnight, it can happen through years and years of abusing the body through bad dieting and poor lifestyle habits. If it's taken 20 years to develop a disease, it's not going to disappear in 1 month or even 2, it will take time. 


We are all made up of energy, this energy emits its own vibration, this vibration or frequency we all emit is what some animals see and communicate with. Dolphins use sonar waves, Elephants detect seismic waves with the skin of their feet and trunk, they use this to detect danger from miles away, Mole rats, Termites, Treehoppers, Jumping Spiders, Bats, Bees  and many more use this to communicate, or navigate throughout the world. Its quite incredible, its said we can only see a fraction of what its actually around us and what an amazing thought that is, maybe we will evolve to see more one day? Native Americans believed that the Hair is an Annette connecting us to spirit and to the environment around us and warning us of dangers. 

Being that everything is energy it makes sense that we respond so well to energetic medicines.

There is much we have to learn as a species and I believe getting back in touch with nature is the fundamental key to this. 

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Anya’s therapy is easily the most beautiful, deep, gentle but profound healing I have ever experienced. At 54 I have experienced many forms of ‘therapy’ since the age of 18 when my osteopathic training began but nothing as transformative and powerful as the combination of techniques Anya uses. Give yourself a beautiful present and allow Anya to help you reconnect to your authentic self and release what binds you.


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